Electric cars, the heart and soul of smart cities

Can flows of data, energy and people be developed to truly improve the everyday lives of motorists? On the scale of a city, an island, or even a continent? The step from smart cities to smart planets is a very small one and Groupe Renault is convinced that, in the future, cars and all their new functions – in terms of mobility and consumerism in general – will coexist in harmony within peaceful, interconnected spaces.

To achieve this, Renault is striking partnerships with a long list of public and private stakeholders to develop innovative solutions that contribute to the global ecosystem. The ultimate goal is to allow people to travel in increasingly more convenient, pleasant and eco-friendly ways.

As a smart city partner, Groupe Renault is actively co-building a variety of tangible solutions founded on three key pillars.

The first priority is to make electric cars an essential component of today’s smart grids which provide access to inexpensive, low-carbon electricity. The solutions in question rely on real-time energy storage in batteries, allowing electric cars to benefit from smart and, very soon, bidirectional charging. And, once the car is no longer on the road, its battery can be reused for the purposes of stationary energy storage.

The next goal is to encourage the large-scale development of electric cars. Of course, this target will be facilitated by the natural drop in TCO –  a fall encouraged by the development of the aforementioned solutions and based on the battery’s expanding role as part of the grid. But that’s not all. To make electric cars even more attractive, Groupe Renault has developed a suite of smartphone applications that simplify charging, including access to and payment at public charging stations across Europe.

Lastly, Groupe Renault is promoting the emergence of simplified, fluid mobility with on-demand autonomous mobility solutions, private hire vehicles and carsharing offers – all fully electric, of course!

To discover all of our solutions in more detail, take a stroll through the smart city below:

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